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DementiaCare is a set-up of smart sensors and telecare devices that help people with dementia live independently longer. It uses advanced technology to improve their lives and their caregivers' lives.

We believe that intelligent equipment to enable quality assisted living does not have to be expensive or complicated to be helpful. Even simple sensors and motion detectors could make a positive difference to patients with dementia living in their own homes or smart hospitals and care homes.

DementiaCare enables Alzheimer's and dementia patients to move freely and safely. In smart facilities, sensors are seamlessly embedded into the environment, collecting and processing data as people go about their daily activities.

nurse helping elderly with dementia, using dementiacare systemcaretronic security wristbanddementia care watchdementiacare door sensor
nurse assisting elderly lady with dementia using dementia care solutions

DementiaCare, Assistive technology for people with dementia

Our DementiaCare domiciliary monitoring system provides seniors and patients with more free space, improved quality of life, a better atmosphere, and safety while relieving the nursing staff and caregivers.

4 Benefits of using RTLS and dementia care solutions

  1. Real-time location of seniors and patients with dementia. By wearing a wristband, caregivers are always aware of their loved ones or patients’ location, keeping them from wandering and alerting the staff in emergency situations. 

  2. Monitor exits and usage of electrical devices. For those living alone or independently in residential facilities, the usage of Dementia gateways allows caregivers to always know if a senior or patient has left a secure area or even used an elevator or any other device that could endanger them. 

  3. Fall prevention to ensure higher safety. With the proper fall prevention system, dementia patients and the elderly are kept safe from risky situations and accidental falls.

  4. Ultimately provide more freedom and independence to those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Our vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for nurses and other people in healthcare as well as for elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We believe in the power of technology to make human lives better.

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Smart dementia sensors and motion detectors

Dementia door sensor and security wristband

A simple and effective solution to the problem that arises when a person with dementia leaves the room or facility and wanders off. Designed to prevent Alzheimer's wandering, letting older people keep their independence, while still feeling safe.

wireless security wristband

Wireless security wristband

Wireless wristband transmitter with emergency call for dementia. It can be worn around the neck with lanyard or wrist with wristband.

wireless security wristband

Dementia gateway sensor

An efficient door sensor that protects individuals with dementia from elopement and wandering.

dementia gateway sensor
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