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In the realm of healthcare, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals who require extra care and attention is a matter of great importance. Introducing innovative Fall Prevention systems, developed to provide both caregivers and residents in healthcare facilities with peace of mind and unrivaled protection.

Benefits of choosing Caretronic FallPrevention systems

Enhanced safety: Reduce the risk of falls and related injuries for residents in your care, promoting a secure environment.

Peace of mind: Caregivers and family members can rest easy, knowing that our fall prevention systems are in place to provide round-the-clock monitoring and support.

Efficient care: Our systems streamline the caregiving process, enabling timely responses and better overall care management.

Customizable solutions: Tailor our systems to fit the unique needs of your facility, ensuring the highest level of safety and comfort for residents.

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Our Fall Prevention Systems

We are committed to improving the quality of care and safety for residents in healthcare settings. Our Fall Prevention Systems are a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in healthcare technology. Choose us, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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Fall Prevention Systems

Bed Sensor

Seamlessly linking to the NurseCare room terminal or controller, our bed sensor enables real-time monitoring and rapid response through wireless connectivity.

  • Under-mattress placement: The fall prevention bed sensor is discreetly placed beneath the mattress, ensuring extended product durability while eliminating direct contact with the user.
  • Customizable monitoring: Define monitoring schedules for day and night, adapting to the resident's specific needs.
  • Adjustable call trigger: Set the time intervals for call activation in case of resident absence, ranging from 1 to 20 minutes or more.

Movement Detector

Our movement detector features state-of-the-art motion sensing technology, ensuring precise and reliable detection.

  • Red Call Button: a convenient red call button allows residents to seek assistance prompt

  • Seamless Integration: Data from the movement detector is instantly transmitted to the NurseTab room terminal, ensuring swift response from caregivers.

To learn more about our fall prevention systems or to request a demonstration, please contact us today. Your residents' safety is our top priority.

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