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Caretronic has been on a mission to improve patient care since 1962. More than 150.000 active users already utilize our advanced healthcare technology tools which offer a unique set of benefits.

Our products are designed for healthcare personnel working in hospitals, clinics, care homes, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions.

We are always available to assist you with your nursing care needs.

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hospital management documentation and ip nurse call system in one device
touchscreen room terminal nurseta

Touchscreen room terminal NurseTab

nurse call buttons

Nurse call buttons

healthcare documentation on room terminal nursetab

Healthcare documentation on room terminal NurseTab

touchscreen nurse station terminal

Touchscreen nurse station terminal

Smartphone mobile application iNurse

Smartphone mobile application iNurse

Interactive corridor display InfoTab

Interactive corridor display InfoTab


NurseCare is world’s most advanced IP nurse call system. It is an intelligent, interactive solution that digitalizes healthcare administration and health information management.

More about NurseCareMore about wired & wireless solutions


SeniorCarePro is a 360° smart safecare system that monitors the vital signs of an elderly living alone, immediately sends emergency calls in the event of a fall or other incident, and much more.

More about SeniorCarePro
touchscreen terminal hometab

Touchscreen terminal HomeTab

wireless security wristband

Wireless security wristband

smart pill dispenser

Pill dispenser

blood glucose meter

Blood glucose meter

blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor

pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

wireless security wristband

Wireless security wristband

dementia gateway sensor

Dementia gateway sensor


DementiaCare system provides residents with more free space, improved quality of life, better atmosphere, and safety, while relieving the nursing staff.

More about DementiaCare


PatientCare is a modern patient entertainment system. It is designed to unify systems, content, and services into one digital platform.

More about PatientCare

touchscreen terminal hospitab

Touchscreen terminal HospiTab

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caretronic achievements ilustration

We hold a number of product and business related quality certificates.

NurseCare system has been tested and certified the conformity with the requirements of DIN VDE 0834 by an independent certification body. We are proud to be fully compliant with this stringent code of practice.

DIN VDE 0834 certification is the only one that can guarantee complete safety of the nurse call system.

Caretronic is one of the few European nurse call manufacturers that holds this certificate and NurseCare is the only DIN VDE certified wireless nurse call system in the world.

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We are always available to assist you with your nursing care needs.
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