Modern patient entertainment system

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PatientCare is an advanced multimedia system to entertain and engage patients and residents. It is what the future of patient experience looks like. We developed a new generation of hospital entertainment system, based on the latest state of technology.

Our entertainment system is part of a wider engagement platform for hospitals and care homes, that can be personalised to each patient’s experience. It does not only improve overall satisfaction but can also speed up recovery times and shape positive changes to hospital and nursing home services.

PatientCare was designed to make the stay of patients as pleasant as possible and has already been implemented in many smart hospitals and nursing homes.

hospital patient and doctor using patientcare systempatientcare touch screen terminal hospitab
patientcare touch screen terminal hospitab

PatientCare Key benefits for managing patient experience

Touch screen nurse call with multiple levels (normal call, assistance, code blue).

Phone calls with telephone services and video calls.

Smart room control (lights, temperature, air conditioning).

Easy internet access (browsing, shopping, video streaming).

IPTV, video on demand, IP radio with management (programmes, volume).

Patient and general healthcare information.

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Our vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for nurses and other people in healthcare as well as for elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We believe in the power of technology to make human lives better.

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patient in a hospital room using patientcare, advanced patient entertainment system

PatientCare, advanced patient entertainment system

PatientCare is a modern patient engagement solution. It is designed to unify systems, content, and services into one digital platform.

5 Ways our digital patient engagement solution improves hospital experience:

  1. Entertains, engages and empowers patients.
  2. Enables patients to control their environment.
  3. Allows vital information to be easily accessed by both staff and patients.
  4. Allows more opportunities for feedback to be heard and implemented.
  5. It is well-known that if a patient is happier during their stay, the recovery times will be shorter.
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