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On their own, but never alone

SeniorCarePro is a 360° smart telecare system that enables elderly people to keep their independence, allowing at the same time, caregivers in residential or care homes to rest assured of their senior residents’ safety.

The future of home care lies in digital telecare solutions. Smart telemedicine and telehealth technology will play a crucial role in offering the elderly and physically disabled the attention and confidence they need to stay independent and live in their own homes for as long as possible.

SeniorCarePro is the latest technology in domiciliary care and monitoring systems.SeniorCarePro monitors the vital signs of the elderly living alone and immediately sends emergency calls in the event of a fall or other incident, digitalizes medications, and entertains with cognitive games and internet browsing.

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Telecare Key benefits for the elderly independency

Emergency call alarm system.

Big, bright, and colourful advanced IP touchscreen.

User interface specially designed for those with less technological skills.

Easy to understand and use.

More than an elderly SOS button: a digital smart device.

In-house solution, flexible to adapt and adjust.

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Smart Guardian Angel

Telecare and Telehealth technology to support independent living for seniors

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Our vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for nurses and other people in healthcare as well as for elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We believe in the power of technology to make human lives better.

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HomeTab: Advanced IP-based carephone

seniorcarepro hometab


  • Colourful advanced IP touchscreen, easy to understand and use.
  • Emergency call that can be routed to formal or informal caregivers.
  • Service calls (requests for cleaning, food ordering).
  • Smart-home management (switching on-off lights, heating, curtains).
  • Reminders and appointments (birthdays, doctor appointments, medications).
  • Video calls (with family, friends).
  • Playing cognitive games.
  • Fall detection, wearing detection, activity tracking, positioning.


  • Detailed list of pending or requested tasks.
  • Comprehensive documentation of all healthcare and other services done.
  • Detailed history of accomplished tasks.


  • Wireless transmitter (trigger) to establish emergency call and location information (if available).
  • Healthcare measurement devices (glucometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor).
  • Smart home sensors.
  • Possible integration with other wireless devices, apps and platforms.
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SeniorCarePro: Telecare products to monitor the elderly


Wireless wristband transmitter with emergency call. With SOS safety bracelet the user can notify family and friends when help is needed. Quick and easy one-click activation. Lightweight and easy to wear.

seniorcarepro wireless wristband transmitter with emergency call

Pill dispenser

Automatic pill dispenser is a smart reminder that alerts when it's pill time. Relief from complex medicine management with a loud acoustic signal. It can be filled with a supply for one week up to one month, depending on the number of daily doses.

seniorcarepro automatic pill dispenser

Blood glucose meter

Glucometer that measures and displays the amount of sugar (glucose) in blood. A useful device tells in seconds if blood sugar is too low, too high, or on target. It gives valuable information to manage any type of diabetes and maintain overall control.

seniorcarepro blood glucose meter

Blood pressure monitor

Home blood pressure monitor that lets keeping a track of blood pressure readings at any times. It's a crucial metric that can assist in determining risk of a variety of health concerns. A blood pressure machine that is easy to use and provides accurate readings.

seniorcarepro blood pressure monitor

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter for a non-invasive estimation of the amount of oxygen in the blood. It shows if blood is well oxygenated. The pulse oximeter is a small, clip-like device, easy to use at home, performing a quick, and completely painless test.

seniorcarepro pulse oximeter
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MobiWin: Telecare platform for quality assisted living

What is the Telecare platform MobiWin?

MobiWin is the future of Telehealth and Telecare with its innovative software solution for care call centres and elderly using safety phones or mobile phones with an SOS button.

What does MobiWin do?

MobiWin provides an integration of different telecare products, such as carephones, mobile phones with SOS buttons or alarms, fall sensors, motion sensors and other means of domiciliary monitoring systems.

Why is the Telecare platform MobiWin unique?

MobiWin offers advanced management of all types of telecare alarm systems, and different access levels for different types of call centre operators. In addition, families of telecare users can use an interface to check previous events related to the user.

Is MobiWin the right Telecare platform for me?

MobiWin is especially viable for call centres handling care systems for the elderly since it provides the operators with information about the identity of the caller, the alarm type, and the location, so the care personnel can reach the user in need as soon as possible.

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