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The most flexible and modular IP nurse call system

NurseCare is #1 world's fully comprehensive, smart, interactive IP nurse call system that combines nursing documentation and healthcare management. It is fully DIN VDE certified for the highest standards of safety.

Combine your nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device. Wide installation possibilities are at your disposal, with the option of connecting your current nurse call systems, regardless of the brand, or using the existing installation in your building. We support both wired and wireless nurse call systems and keep the highest standards in the market.

Buy a system that fits your budget.

  • Buy only the parts you need for your wired or wireless nurse call system instead of all sorts of features you do not need.
  • Add additional features when you need them either at a hospital, clinic or care home.
  • Choose between entry and advanced level, and easily upgrade your digital nurse call system from entry to advanced system in the future.
  • All functions can be added anytime later after installing the system when the needs for more features expand.
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The future of healthcare processes with our digital nurse call system

Transform your healthcare workflow processes at the highest level

hospital management documentation and ip nurse call system in one device
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world no1 nursing call system

NurseCare Key benefits of the best nurse call system for nursing personnel

Relieves nursing professionals while ensuring higher patient safety.

Integrated wireless nurse call system that includes fall sensors, location tracking and emergency buttons, amongst others.

Centralizes healthcare processes and emergency call systems in hospitals and care homes.

Optimizes expenses in healthcare facilities by digitalizing every part of the workflow process.

Improves healthcare quality and efficiency.

Provides the best solution for patient and elderly care in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

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One device,
countless functionalities

NurseCare: more than an IP nurse call system

Optimizes healthcare management

NurseCare transforms the way healthcare operations are handled in medical facilities with its unique nurse call system by reducing costs, lighting the workload of personnel, and boosting the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services.

Based on advanced IP technology

NurseCare is the only nurse call system on the market that combines an emergency nurse call solution with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one smart device.

Compatible with any healthcare institution

NurseCare is simple to install in any existing or new building and can be connected to existing wired or wireless nurse call systems of any brand.

NurseTab, touchscreen room terminal

An interactive touchscreen display that combines the emergency nurse call system and the entire healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device.

NurseTab logs information for every room, such as which members of the staff are registered in a room, time of their arrival and time allotted, nursing notes, services provided.

The only nurse call system on the market that combines a nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation.

Why is NurseTab the best option for a nurse call system?

  • A big, bright, and colourful touchscreen.
  • User friendly interface, designed for those with less technological skills.
  • Touch buttons in different colours, easy to understand and use.
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nurse using nursetab
nurse using nurse call buttons

Nurse call buttons

NurseCare is the world's most flexible and modular IP nurse call system. Besides buttons, with NurseCare you can choose from other sensors and alarms to improve patient safety and care. The system allows you to choose your own configuration, giving you more freedom to buy a system that fits your budget.

You can choose your own combination of buttons and sensors with our nurse call system:

  • wired with call buttons,
  • wireless with call buttons,
  • wireless with security wristbands,

All nurse call combinations can be provided on:

  • entry level (call bells only),
  • advanced level (with NurseTab to combine with nursing documentation and healthcare management).
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NurseLog, alarm management platform

What problems in healthcare facilities could be solved with an efficient IP nurse call system?

Nursing homes and hospitals have to meet the high requirements of operating and safety regulations, often having limited resources. The optimization of processes, and consequently also the costs involved, is therefore crucial. NurseCare focuses on centralizing multiple tasks in one single system providing efficient management solutions while focusing on the well-being of staff and patients.

Why are alarm systems in hospitals important?

Effective alarm systems are vital to patient safety and personnel efficiency. Each alarm requires staff action, but sometimes the nursing process and pipelines are overwhelmed with nuisance alarms that cover the critical ones. When too many alarms overwhelm, or cause complacency issues get lost in the noise.

How can alarms be managed more effectively?

A quick and efficient processing of alert and stand-by messages can contribute to save lives. The NurseLog platform sends an alarm on various devices (existing or new pagers, DECT phones, smart phones, nurse station terminals, patient door lamps, corridor displays etc.) within seconds.

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Smart sensors for hospitals and care homes

Fall prevention bed sensor

Wireless bed mattress for connection with NurseCare room terminal or controller. The fall prevention bed sensor is placed under the mattress, providing longer lifetime of the product (no direct contact with the user).

fall prevention wireless bed sensor

Fall prevention movement detector

A practical motion detector with red call button. When motion is detected, the device sends data to the NurseTab room terminal.

fall prevention movement detector

Dementia door sensor and security wristband

A simple and effective solution to the problem that arises when a person with dementia leaves the room or facility and wanders off. Designed to prevent Alzheimer's wandering, letting older people keep their independence, while still feeling safe.

dementia door sensor and security wristband
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nurse using inurse, smartphone mobile application

iNurse, smartphone mobile application

An advanced replacement for the DECT phone or a pager. iNurse, the most versatile mobile app for smartphones, enables the healthcare personnel to respond to emergency calls via iNurse even when they are not present in the nurse station. In emergency situations, iNurse offers a one-touch call for the reanimation team.

iNurse app offers an overview of personnel in attendance, and an option to establish an assistance call between the personnel without a SIM card.

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InfoTab, interactive corridor display

The innovative corridor display indicates the location of the call down to the specific bed, the attendance of the healthcare staff in the room, the assistance call, and offers on-demand content. When there is no active call, the display can show daily activities, information, weather, menus, and optional content.

When a nurse call is active, the display exclusively shows the call.

Character number and types of content are unlimited, enabling the user to determine which content should be displayed, and change the content via the simple-to-use web interface.

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infotab, interactive corridor display

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