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An advanced IP touch- screen carephone.

It has an user interface, specially adapted to the usage of the elderly and those with less technological skills. That is why it comes with big bright touch-buttons in different colors and is easy to understand. The main functionality is a button for emergency calls, that can call a dedicated telephone number of formal or informal caregivers.

Key HomeTab features

  • Automatic wireless transmission of vital signs measurements to the HomeTab device enables continuous monitoring and gives alert to the caregivers when a value requires immediate attention.
  • Integration with automatic pill dispenser.
  • Electronic documentation of all services done at the home of the elderly (from health-care services to cleaning, housekeeping etc.).
  • Caregivers receive instant alerts when some event needs an action.
  • Voice recognition.

To feel secure and be more mobile one can also use a waterproof wireless wristband to activate an emergency call from any place. Wireless wristband for the user enables

  • emergency calls,
  • fall detection,
  • GPS location,
  • mobile connection outside the home,
  • it can also be worn as a pendant.
HomeTab gives the user opportunity to stay connected with the outside world and to feel more independent.
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