International Nurses Day

11. May 2022

The nursing profession is the backbone of every health system, and by investing in the nursing profession, you help them do their job and show them the respect they deserve.

international nurses day

On the 12th of May, we celebrate International Nurses’ Day. The nursing profession is the backbone of every health system, and by investing in the nursing profession, you help them do their job, show them the respect they deserve and strengthen the entire healthcare system.

COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses caused by underinvestment in health systems around the world. The theme for IND 2022 chosen by the International Council of Nurses demonstrates the need to invest in nursing to build a resilient, highly qualified nursing workforce and protect nurses’ rights to transform health systems to meet the needs of individuals and communities now and into the future.

“The need for “real investment” to be made into the nursing workforce around the world is the call to action from this year’s International Nurses’ Day.”

International Council of Nurses

Giving voice to nurses, advocating for their rights, and investing in their profession are the main goals of the International Council of Nurses which recently revealed the risks faced by health care workers today that need to be overcome in the future.

By investing in the digitalization of the nurse care system you invest in the well-being of your nursing staff.

Among short and long-term investments that can help your health care workers overcome some of the risks mentioned above is a nurse call system, NurseCare. This intelligent nurse call system for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions instantly relieves personnel of the administrative tasks that often take essential time for the patient causing long working hours leading to stress and burnout.

It helps minimize stress due to the nursing shortage

According to the World Health Organization, there are 28 million nurses worldwide, yet there is still a shortage, and nurses are always in high demand. This nursing trend is not new, and it continues to worsen. Besides the increased number of patients, the workforce shortage was due to burnout and exhaustion among hospital personnel, which caused nurses to leave the profession. Optimizing work processes, reducing paperwork, and improving communication will minimize stress related to the projected nursing shortage.

The upgraded nurse call system saves time so your personnel can focus on the patient.

Bringing the patient back to the center of healthcare is still one of the leading trends in nursing. Patient‐centered care can be implemented by connecting nurses with doctors, patients, and the entire care team. Upgrading your existing nurse call system helps improve communication and collaboration among staff and allows nurses to spend more time focusing on what matters: their patients.

The future of healthcare is DigitalHealth

The healthcare industry has evolved immensely over the years, and much of that change has been by technology. As nurses continue to be more technologically savvy, they will be expected to maintain knowledge of key technologies to perform optimal care for patients. It is never too early to implement technological innovations in your work processes. Start with simple steps like upgrading your nurse call system and letting your personnel learn, adapt and enjoy the improvements.


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