5 benefits of adopting a wireless nurse call system

08. July 2021

Does your out-of-date nurse call system need an upgrade? Or, are you planning to build a new care facility and wonder whether it pays off to integrate a wireless nurse call system?

5 benefits of adopting a wireless nurse call system

Does your out-of-date nurse call system need an upgrade? Or, are you planning to build a new care facility and wonder whether it pays off to integrate a wireless nurse call system? The benefits of this technological advancement are indisputable, so the only real question is: are you going to go wired or wireless?

Before we tackle that question, let’s review the advantages of adopting a wireless nurse call system more closely!

Evolving your patient care

Technology plays an increasingly more significant role in healthcare. From helping us detect diseases early to quickening our response time, technological tools have bettered our health, empowered our medical staff, and improved workflow in healthcare organizations. For several years the nurse call button has been at the head of every bed, allowing patients to call for help. With technological progress, this nurse call button has become an integrated system, which offers a unique set of benefits, including cost savings and increased functionality. Read on to find out how wireless nurse call systems like NurseCare improve communication and why having an updated system is essential for excellent patient care.

#1 Instant communication and quicker response time

Wireless nurse call systems give patients access to timely care, especially in dire situations where response time decides the odds in the battle of life and death. The wireless nurse call system alerts the medical staff and sends them the exact location of the patient. If the patient is wearing a wireless hand transmitter, then he or she can be found anywhere inside the hospital or caring facility. 

Medical personnel can respond instantly and on the go by having access to smart solutions, such as iNurse. An advanced mobile app for smartphones, which enables them to be informed and react even when they are not in the vicinity of the nurse’s station. The iNurse mobile app is an advanced replacement for pagers or DECT phones. How so? Because it also enables nurses to see which personnel are currently working and allows them to make direct assistance calls without using a SIM card.

#2 Relieving the personnel

Many hospitals still rely on paper documentation, which elongates the process of patient admission, medical research, and diagnosis. However, healthcare management can be optimized. With an intelligent wireless nurse call system you can digitalize your healthcare administration, and save all information inside a cloud database, connected to the hospital network. 

That is not all! An IP nurse call system like NurseCare allows medical personnel to store and access patient data instantly. NurseTab, an interactive room touchscreen display, and the interactive corridor display InfoTab connect the nurse call system, the entire healthcare management, and nursing documentation in one device. Nurses can store patient data and updates from inside a patient’s room or the hallway. The latter eliminates the need to fill out documents, and it also prevents the loss of information or duplication of data. In most cases, this happens when the nurses transcribe handwritten information into electronic form. 


#3 Better workflow and fewer disturbances

Optimized workflow cuts down on any potential losses, both in time, knowledge, and money. With an intelligent nurse call system, every information is stored instantly, accessible with a simple touch, and transmitted among medical staff. 

Better communication leads to better decisions and better organization. It also helps lower the number of medical errors, which affects not only the hospital’s budget but also its reputation. With NurseCare, there are fewer disturbances in the healthcare processes since it provides prompt and timely patient care. It helps nurses to stay organized and keeps them focused on dealing with patient care, not distractions. 


#4 Fewer mistakes and cost-effectiveness

Monitoring technology benefits both the medical staff and the hospital management. Healthcare workers treat numerous patients throughout the day. In this process information gets handed down many times, resulting in loss of information or even a medical error. With monitoring technology, such as NurseTab, healthcare processes are under constant supervision, guaranteeing patient safety. NurseTab enables medical personnel to log:

When you consider the long-term benefits and the initial cost, you realize that implementing a wireless nurse call system pays off. Especially when you can connect it to your existing nurse call system and use the installation which is already in the building. You can personalize and select only those features that will benefit you the most.


#5 Satisfied staff, satisfied patients

Adequate, attentive and efficient patient care results in pleased and comfortable patients, who are likely to recover quicker. Wireless nurse call systems quicken the treatment processes, optimize workflow, and decrease the level of stress in hospitals and other caring facilities. These intelligent solutions are easy to use, which helps keep hospital tasks moving smoothly and efficiently.

Wired or wireless nurse call system?

 Still having doubts, but only about which type of system to choose? If you are dealing with an existing, older building, the pulling and fishing of wires can be difficult and time-consuming. Going wireless can be more cost-effective than hard-wiring a new system. 

However, if you are dealing with a new building with good wiring, then you can easily install an intelligent nurse call system like NurseCare by using the existing installation. You can also opt for a half-wired half-wireless system. Anything is possible, and we are here for you! Our first consultation is free of charge. 


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