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Why are nurse call systems in healthcare facilities crucial for patient safety and satisfaction? 06. June 2023

As a healthcare facility manager, your top priority is ensuring that patients receive high-quality care and are satisfied with their experience. One tool that can greatly assist in achieving this goal is a nurse call system. These systems can help improve patient safety and satisfaction by improving communication, reducing response times, empowering patients, and improving […]

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Trends in nursing: 7 reasons why upgrading your existing nurse call system is a good idea 18. August 2021

With new nursing trends on the rise, upgrading your nurse call platform has never felt more right. Modern nurse call systems save valuable time so the personnel can focus on the patient. They help optimize healthcare processes, relieve the personnel,

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5 benefits of adopting a wireless nurse call system 08. July 2021

Does your out-of-date nurse call system need an upgrade? Or, are you planning to build a new care facility and wonder whether it pays off to integrate a wireless nurse call system?

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How to optimise hospital workflow with healthcare technology 12. March 2021

Advanced healthcare technology tools have the ability to optimise all work processes and benefit hospital management, personnel and patients. Save time and money to save more lives.

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Digital health: the future of healthcare 02. December 2020

From wearables, big data to automated medicine dispensers and environmental solutions that offer more freedom to patients with dementia. Digital health is here today and here to stay, so be sure to step into the new era hands-on.

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Contact tracking in healthcare institutions during COVID-19 16. November 2020

Relying on human memory to keep track of all daily contacts inside a healthcare institution is not effective. Protect your staff and your patients with our advanced contact tracking solution.

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