Trends in nursing: 7 reasons why upgrading your existing nurse call system is a good idea

18. August 2021

With new nursing trends on the rise, upgrading your nurse call platform has never felt more right. Modern nurse call systems save valuable time so the personnel can focus on the patient. They help optimize healthcare processes, relieve the personnel,

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Nursing, probably more than any other profession, has changed in the time of the pandemic. With unpredictable challenges always on the rise, there was a constant need for improvements in the healthcare processes. Thankfully, technological innovations have been here to help, and they are here to stay. 

Read on to discover the latest trends in nursing and how you can meet them by upgrading your existing nurse call system.

Nursing trends to watch in 2021

Nursing trends have changed over time as a result of changes in demographics, technology, public health, and social attitudes. Healthcare, and particularly nursing, was already undergoing dramatic changes before the pandemic. And when the pandemic hit, nurses have been directly impacted more than any other group. The health crisis during the pandemic raised many questions and changed the nursing field and trends dramatically. Here are some nursing trends to look for in the coming years:

To keep in line with the trends mentioned above, we advise you to take advantage of the technological solutions designed to ease and optimize healthcare processes and bring positive changes to the nursing practice. You can start with upgrading your existing nursing system.

Here are 7 reasons why upgrading your existing nurse call system is a good idea

With new nursing trends on the rise, upgrading your nurse call platform has never felt more right. Modern nurse call systems save valuable time so the personnel can focus on the patient. They help optimize healthcare processes, relieve the personnel, and raise the quality of work by reducing paperwork and improving communication flow. Not convinced yet? Here are 7 reasons why upgrading your nurse call system is a good idea.

#1 The upgraded nurse call system saves time so you can focus on the patient

Bringing the patient back to the center of healthcare is still one of the leading trends in nursing. Patient‐centered care can be implemented by connecting nurses with doctors, patients, and the entire care team. Upgrading your existing nurse call system helps improve communication and collaboration among staff and allows nurses to spend more time focusing on what matters: their patients.

#2 Helps minimize stress due to nursing shortage

According to the World Health Organization, there are 28 million nurses worldwide and yet there is still a shortage and nurses are always in high demand. This nursing trend is not new and it is continuing to get worse. Besides the increased number of patients, the workforce shortage was due to burnout and exhaustion among hospital personnel, which caused nurses to leave the profession. Optimizing work processes, reducing the amount of paperwork, and improving communication will help minimize some of the stress related to the projected nursing shortage.

#3 Telehealth services are on the rise

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for virtual health care. Analysis shows that telehealth use has increased 38X from the pre-COVID-19 baseline. Telehealth utilization has skyrocketed and will continue to be an important nursing trend in 2021. 

Besides automating some aspects of a nurse’s tasks, it also enables long-distance patient and doctor contact, care, advice, reminders, education, monitoring, and intervention.

#4 Focus on holistic care means operating with big data

Holistic healthcare approach is another interesting trend on the rise. This approach provides support that looks at the whole person and recognizes each patient’s unique physical, mental and emotional needs. Evidence about the benefits of holistic care is growing worldwide and an increasing number of healthcare facilities are including it in their healthcare models. 

To make a holistic approach work, the medical personnel need to operate with a range of different information about the patient. Handling all this information can elongate the healthcare process and waste valuable time. NurseCare, the world’s most advanced IP nurse call system, offers advanced information and communication solutions. All information is saved inside a cloud database, connected to the hospital network. This means that valuable patient data is always at hand which helps with the process of holistic care. 

#5 Nurses as communication ambassadors

Nurses have always been bridging communication and collaboration gaps between providers, care teams, and patients. Good communication is a key element of effective healthcare delivery. Digitalising healthcare information management and using NurseCare centric-based systems will improve the communication flow and help to provide patients with timely care.  Upgrade your nurse call system with NurseCare, and give nurses the tools to perform their jobs better, save time, and feel better at work.

#6 Nurses need to be tech-savvy so give them a chance to learn gradually

The healthcare industry has evolved immensely over the years, and much of that change has been by technology. Every day new advanced healthcare solutions enter the healthcare market. Nurses are and will be expected to maintain knowledge of key technologies to perform optimal care for the patients. It is never too early to implement technological innovations in your work processes. Start with simple steps like upgrading your nurse call system and let your personnel learn, adapt and enjoy all the improvements such innovations bring.

#7 Ageing population calls for growing nursing facilities

The western population is aging, with the baby boom generation entering the age of increased need for health services. Human life expectancy has also been rising and will continue to do so in the future. All this results in an increased demand for health services, followed by the need for expanding your nurse care facility. Expansion and renovation are the perfect timing for modernizing your nurse call system. Furthermore, advanced IP nurse call systems like NurseCare allow for an easy expansion of your alerting systems at a reduced cost.

Stay in line with nursing trends with one simple upgrade

Some of the nursing trends are directly linked to the use of advanced technologies; others are more focused on the personal aspect of the healthcare experience. With simple solutions like an upgrade of your nurse call system, you can optimize healthcare processes, ease data storage, improve workflow and communication, empower medical staff, and reduce mistakes.

Make a simple upgrade and bring positive changes to the wellbeing of your patients and staff and stay in line with the latest nursing trends at the same time.


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